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To Donate to the  Idaho Genealogical Association, please contact:
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Current Volunteer Projects:

Cemetery Assessment Project

To commemorate our 50th anniversary in 2008, the Idaho Genealogical Society took on a sizable project, one that will take many hands and will hopefully have many users.

In researching some Quarterly Journals from our past, we noted IGS members worked with the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Daughters of Utah Pioneers to extract Idaho cemetery records which were published in our Quarterly Journal and in booklets.

Microfilms of these extractions also were made available by the Family History Library, but our work in this field tapered off some time ago. Fortunately many new genealogically oriented groups have entered the cemetery extractions field, such as Findagrave, GenWeb and Interment.com. Some excellent recently compiled and/or updated cemetery extractions from Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society and Idaho Heartland Genealogists have come to our attention.

We suspect there are other equally valuable projects going on elsewhere in Idaho even though some areas may have been neglected. Moreover, we find some current extractions have been published in booklet form and are available in libraries and museums, while others can be found various places on the Internet. A statewide overview certainly seems to be needed. To better help genealogists find Idaho cemetery records, we need to know what has been done, by whom, when, where are these extractions located and how can they be accessed.
We would like to involve as many partners as we can as this will be a huge undertaking. Anne Jennings is the project lead.  She has prepared an Excel spreadsheet which lists the present status of the project.  Please open it with the link that follows and if you see an empty slot under the coordinator name, please feel free to volunteer.  If you do not feel you can take on a coordinator position but would like to gather cemetery data for a few of the cemeteries, contact the county coordinator, or Anne in the absence of a coordinator and let her know which cemetery you can do. We will be updating the Progress Spreadsheet every two weeks. 

We invite you join with us in the Idaho Statewide Cemetery Inventory Project. If you or your group have questions or need more information before committing, please contact one of the committee members listed here.
The project lead on CAP is Anne Jennings.  If you wish to assist in any way please email her.  To assist you in determining where assistance is needed, you can click on the Project Status Spreadsheet.  This is a listing by Idaho counties of who the present coordinator is for that county, along with a list of the known cemeteries, and whether an assessment sheet has been completed on them.

To save or print off a Cemetery Assessment Collection Form click this link.