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30 June 2012

Hello from Southern Idaho

I'm Penny O'Keefe and I live in Filer.  I was born in the Panama Canal Zone.  My parents met there after WWII:  my Dad was in the Navy & my Mom worked for JAG.  My mother's side of the family was from Texas, my father's from New York City.  When my Dad retired from the Navy, we ended up in San Antonio, Texas where I grew up.

I have always been interested in genealogy because I never knew any of my Grandparents.  Three had died before I was born & one when I was just three years old.
When my Mom died in 2003, I joined ancestry.com and started my journey up my family tree.  Juvanne taught me how to research and helped me get started.  When my first grandson was born in 2007, I started a tree just for him.  He now has over seven thousand people in his tree!!! 

I will be keeping everyone posted about genealogy news in Idaho.  Happy hunting!!

19 June 2012

Please join me in welcoming Penny Harford, our new Idaho Genealogical Society blogger from Twin Falls, Idaho.  Penny replaces Vice-President Christa Klemme, who resigned the end of March.  We, at IGS, will always be grateful for Christa for creating not only this blog, but our Facebook page.  She has a true talent and we will miss her passion.  Penny has a unique story to tell about her birth place and how she got into genealogy and Facebook....but I am getting ahead of myself if I tell her story.  Therefore, I will let her tell hers.....
Juvanne Martin, CG

President of IGS