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27 January 2012

Sign up today for the IGS Group for FamilySearch's 1940 Indexing Project!

The Idaho Genealogical Society has been asked to partnership with FamilySearch in the 1940 Census Indexing. We have gladly accepted the task and are looking forward to indexing. We have been assigned “Group” status and can now recruit volunteers! So, this is where we need you! We have loyal members and would greatly appreciate your volunteerism.  The greatest part about this program is that you can index in the comfort of your own home and go at your own pace.

To register for the 1940 census indexing project, go to: https://indexing.familysearch.org/
Click “Register”. Even if you are a member of the LDS Church, you will have to register as a non-member to sign up for our IGS group project. When you are registering, it will say, "What kind of account do you want to create?" Please select “FAMILY SEARCH ACCOUNT (for the general public)”. You must be at least 13 years of age to register. You should get a drop down menu for groups. They will be in alphabetical order.  Find Idaho Genealogical Society.

Once registered, you can go back into the site and download the indexing software you will need for indexing.

1. Click Download Now to download the Indexing program installer.
2. Run (open) the installer to set up the Indexing program on your computer.
3. Click the new desktop icon to run the Indexing program.
4. Follow the instructions to create a new FamilySearch account (if you don't already have one.)
5. says “sign in” and begin indexing.
By signing up now you are getting ready for the 1940 census indexing project when the census is released by NARA (the National Archives and Records Administration) in April.
On a side note, you can “Invite” your friends to join. So spread the word. Please!!
Also, you can participate now in other indexing projects that FamilySearch has going in order to prepare you for the 1940 Census.  Please feel free to watch the demo videos regarding how to use the indexing software as well as the many other training tools that are available in their Help toolbar. Get signed in today and practice your indexing skills. (It’s not as difficult as you may imagine.) We are hoping to coordinate some indexing parties and show FamilySearch how united we are as a group in this wonderful project! We look forward to seeing you in our group!

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