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28 January 2012

Idaho Sesquicentennial License Plate Bill Proposal

From our friends who ask for your support:

A bill to establish an Idaho sesquicentennial license plate has been sent to the House Transportation Committee by Rep. John Rusche.

The license bill number is RS 20960. It will be introduced into the House Transportation Committee on Feb 2, 2012.

Revenue from the sale of this plate will be distributed to the county historical societies across the state. 

Although not expected to raise huge sums, your local historians make a dollar go a long, long ways.  Please consider supporting this legislation.

1 comment:

  1. The assigned bill number is HO 472.

    Each plate will generate $22.00, which is intended for use “to fund projects related to the Idaho Territory sesquicentennial or to fund projects that protect and preserve the heritage or cultural resources of the county.” Renewals will generate $12.00 each, with sample plates returning $17.00.

    Historical societies can easily estimate the impact of this legislation. Say, for example, that a county has 10,000 registered passenger cars. If just 1 out of every 50 owners purchases a sesquicentennial plate, the historical society will receive $4,400.

    The bill can be read online at legislature.idaho.gov//legislation/2012/H0472.htm.