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21 July 2012

Idaho Sesquicentennial Special License Plate

A REMINDER for those who enjoy Idaho history. 

Monday, July 2nd, 2012, the Idaho Sesquicentennial Special License Plate will go on sale in every County Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing office in Idaho, (See Attachment).  In Nez Perce County,- (The Nez Perce County Court House).  Revenues derived from the sale of the Idaho Sesquicentennial Special License Plates will go to every county's historical society or designated entities in the State of Idaho. In Nez Perce County, revenues will be equally shared by the Nez Perce County Historical Society and the Lewiston Historic Preservation Commission. 

The Lewiston Historic Preservation Commission successively initiated, supported and sponsored the Idaho Sesquicentennial Special License Plate Bill.  Commissioners on the Lewiston Historic Preservation Commission include Bill R. Miller, Chair;  Jacquelyn Height, Vice Chair;  Bill McVicars;  Greg Follett;  Dwight Ferguson;  John Mock;  Ron Karlberg;  Garry Bush;  Tara Forsmann;   Dr. Dennis Ohrtman, Lewiston City Council Liaison and former commissioner, Dick Riggs.

Cost of this Special Plate will be $35 plus registration fees.  Sample Plates are $30.00.

Be sure and ask for and receive credit for the remaining months left on your current license plate when applying for the Idaho Sesquicentennial Special License Plate.

Commemorate and celebrate Idaho's Sesquicentennial 1863 - 2013, one-hundred fifty years as a territory and state. 

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